Last Minute Training Blitz in Utah

Last week the husband and I took a vacation to Utah. It was sort of a last minute training blitz–hope it works out!

Looking over the edge of Cable Mountain

We started in Zion with a nineteen-mile hike with ~4000 ft of elevation gain to Observation Point and Cable Mountain. Husband thinks I was trying to kill him, but that’s what happens when you leave the vacation planning to me.

Spring leaves in Zion canyon

I’d been having some IT band pain during the last couple weeks of my training, and it flared up with all the climbing (and really, the descents) in Zion. But on our last day there, in a predawn run through the parking lot trying to find the Watchmen trailhead to hike it before sunrise, I tripped over a curb and banged my hip all up. I think it was like a deep tissue massage, because my knee didn’t bother me the rest of the trip!

Deep tissue massage
Silly selfie in front of the Watchmen

Then it was on to Bryce Canyon, where the elevation (8000 ft) really did me in on our eight-mile hike. But like I said, no knee pain!

The Peekaboo Loop at Bryce Canyon
More Peekaboo Loop

So while this was primarily a hiking trip, rather than running, I’m hoping it will be an effective last minute training blitz before my race next weekend! (Also hoping I can keep this IT band under control).


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